“Dr. Tod is the best Chiropractor here in Dubai. He fixed my back and my posture. I trust him to be honest and I follow his treatments. His qualifications make him the top Dr here in Dubai. I highly recommend him.”

Janan Shokry

“I’ve always had problems with my back, and I came to Dr. Tod because my back was bothering me while I slept. After a few treatments with Dr. Tod, my back is much better. I can sleep without being disturbed by it at night.”

Nicholas David

“Atlas Orthogonal therapy is so efficient! Thank you, Dr. Tod Cahill, for bringing this technique to the UAE and thank you for your expertise! My lower back pain is gone and I feel great.”

Diala Serhal

“I went to Dr. Tod in December 2019 and since then I’ve seen a massive improvement in my back pain. Not only did he find the root of the problem, but he also followed up with therapy and alignment to make sure I get back to a 100 pain-free self. Highly recommend to anyone.”

Shahdan Sherif Shokry
“Had no faith in the practice until I met doctor Tod. His progressive method helped me and still helping adjust my spine and relief my pain. When people ask me what are the best things that make Dubai a pleasant place to be, I mention Dr. Tod as one of the top 5 and I advise everyone to go see him. Happy healing!”

Manuel Guesmi