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What is Scoliosis?


Scoliosis is an irregular lateral or excessive forward or backward curvature of the spine, usually appearing before puberty. While the cause of most primary scoliosis is unknown (idiopathic), there is usually family history.

Secondary scoliosis could be related or triggered by conditions such as Muscular Dystrophy (genetic disorders that results in muscle weakness) and Cerebral Palsy (nervous system disorders that can affect movement, hearing, seeing, thinking etc.…) Congenital scoliosis is present at birth it might be not obvious that the child has it right away, it develops and gets worse while the child grows. According to some recent WHO statistics, about 3% of teenagers have scoliosis.

Severe cases not treated properly can lead to a wide variety of more dangerous ailments affecting the proper functioning of lungs and other organs. Adult developed lateral scoliosis and kyphosis can be caused by degenerative changes related wear and tear on the back, complications from past surgeries and bad posture. Moderate deformity occurs when the facet joints and discs deteriorate over time and are no longer able to support the spine’s normal posture.

Dr.Tod Cahill who provides atlas orthogonal chiropractic treatment has numerous cases of scoliosis under his care and urges the parents of young children with mild scoliosis to consult a specialist for their kids to get a proper scoliosis treatment and avoid its worsening and possible regression.

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First signs of scoliosis:


According to Dr. Tod Cahill, a renowned Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor currently living and working in Dubai, there are at least five reliable symptoms of scoliosis. They are as follows:

  • Misalignment of shoulders — some doctors also describe this as uneven shoulders, or shoulders that are not at the same level when the patient is standing straight.
  • Uneven shoulder blades — when observed from the back, one of the patient’s shoulder blades appears to be pronounced than the other, in some cases winging or sticking out from the rib cage.
  • Uneven waist — one of the patient’s hips is more prominent (superior) than the other. Consequently there are also unequal gaps between the arms and the trunk.
  • Ribs — another clear sign of scoliosis is the patient’s ribs that stick out further on one side of the body than on the other.

Mild curvatures of the spine do not cause any pain; only a trained professional can diagnose them. Patients who gets their spine checked at least once a year are much less likely to develop any serious type of scoliosis.

Possible causes and risk factors


Although doctors are still unable to point out a single cause of scoliosis, the hereditary factor seems to be undeniable. Scoliosis usually runs in the family but some less common variants of this condition could be caused by:

  • Injuries and infections — Mechanical injuries of the spine during the early stages of life, together with a few rare infections could lead to scoliosis.
  • Complicated births — Difficult and prolonged childbirth, often referred to as birth trauma, could cause scoliosis as well.
  • Neuromuscular ailments — many scientists agree that muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy can cause scoliosis.

Our lack of sufficient knowledge about the causes of this condition makes it rather difficult to talk about risk factors. However, most doctors agree that age, sex, and family history can play a decisive role in this case.

Puberty is undoubtedly crucial for the proper development of the spine and females are much more likely to develop more severe types of this medical condition. Reaching out for a competent scoliosis chiropractor and program can therefore make a huge positive change in the life of any person suffering from scoliosis.


How can Dr.Tod, American-Awarded Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor help patients suffering from scoliosis?


As an expert in AO (Atlas Orthogonal) Chiropractic Dr. Tod Cahill is perfectly aware of the importance of accurate diagnosis. He will therefore assess all the aspects of his patient’s condition then determine the most effective course of action. Along with the non-invasive AO chiropractic treatment that Dr.Tod uses for scoliosis treatment, Schroth Method corrective exercises are prescribed to be given by a trained physiotherapist. Thirdly depending on the scoliosis case Dr.Tod might prescribe the Spinecor dynamic brace. This brace dynamically controls the position of the spine needed for correction.


Dr.Tod uses many adjusting tools during atlas orthogonal chiropractic treatments:


  • The atlas orthogonal adjusting instrument
  • The activator
  • The Arthrostim and Vibracussor
  • The Intersegmental Traction Therapy Table
  • The Flexion distraction Table
  • The Drop-Table Technique
  • The Erchonia Laser

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